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Veracruz, of the first seven city councils founded in the American continent, and the only one of those seven that currently exists. It was in April of 1519 when Hernán Cortés landed on the beaches of Chalchihuecan in front of the Islet of San Juán de Ulúa. Sometime later, the Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz, now known as Veracruz, was founded.


The city of Veracruz is the only city in Mexico that can claim to have been named four times heroic. The first, in 1821 at the end of the colony. The second, in 1838 during the so-called war of the cakes. The third, in 1847 during the North American invasion which was supported by the population of Veracruz. And the fourth, in 1914, during the Mexican Revolution.


Veracruz has been the seat of the Executive Power of the Federation twice: 1858 and 1914, with Don Benito Juárez and Don Venustiano Carranza respectively. It was during the mandate of Don Benito Juárez, that the reform laws were signed in the city of Veracruz, and the first birth certificate was also issued in the Mexican Republic.